WHO IS PAT OTTAWAN, suddenly 3 members!?

Jean Patrick Baptiste NOT the singer of the Ottawan songs!

How much nonsense can only the face of a music group from the 80’s, "Jean Patrick Baptiste", together with his management "Attack Concerts Llc” lie together, to conceal that they have all rights to claim the name and music of Ottawan. But the fact is that the so called artist can not sing at all and that he doesn’t even know the English language. Ottawan, and several other famous artists, were in the 80’s the product of the successful producer duo Kluger and Vangarde, also known as Zagora, from France.

He was only the face!

Zagora is since the birth of Ottawan the rightful owner of the name, the music and all rights related to the name Ottawan, as by Zagora also registered since 1981. Kluger and Vangarde, in order to present the Ottawan group, asked Jean Patrick Baptiste as the "face" of the group while he was working as a luggage carrier at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. Pat was only the face because he was never involved in the production of the Ottawan songs, both producers as many others in the music industry have confirmed this. There are also numerous video and audio recordings online that can confirm this. Over the years, Jean Patrick Baptiste, called "Pat", has performed countless times complete lip sync shows under the name Ottawan, this without a written permission of Zagora and with a large variety of female singers who usually also could not sing.

One of those singers, with whom Pat performed for a long time and could sing, was Esther.

Attack Concerts stealing trademark Ottawan from producers!

Esther did not want to lip sync at the performances, but only sing live. This caused discomfort after some time, because Pat could not sing live and not work with live orchestra. Because of this Pat refused to sing at those booked performances, or he just did not show up. Esther was forced to perform with a new partner for the booked performances, especially where Ottawan had to work Live, she met with American singer Robert Walker from New York. From that moment on there were 2 groups that operated under the name Ottawan. The lip sync version with Pat, with ever-changing singers and sometimes solo, and the live sung version of Ottawan with Esther and Robert. This with the mention that Pat uses copies of the original music (CD) belonging to the original producers and Esther works with newly crafted orchestras, because she wanted to sing live, and that there is no need to make illegal use of the original productions. Since Pat and his newly recruited Attack Concerts management could not accept this, as well as the fact that their attractive earnings were at risk they started bombarding clients with all sorts of lies and the most diverse nonsense who only wanted to work with Esther.

Attack Concerts also unjustly tried to register the name Ottawan everywhere, which was only possible in a few countries. Even that is unjustified, because Zagora claims the original rights of using the name and music productions of Ottawan since 1981.

Trademark registration by Zagora!